Friday, April 3, 2009

Are We Adults or Are We Children?

OK, I'm sorry, but I'm going to get on my soapbox. I've had it with my local PTA that I belong to. I'm not going to give you a lot of specifics, but I want some opinions.

This group of ladies and I use that term to be nice, is acting like 5 year olds. We just had officer elections and the nominating committee of 5 people chose not to reelect the president or treasurer who could have served another term. This came as a shock to most of us.

Because she chose to follow rules, put the welfare of our kids first, and have a driven focused group of members this year she was booted out. There has been more back stabbing, rumors, and politics than I care for. This is elementary PTA for gosh sakes! I myself was accused of starting a rumor that took place at school when I wasn't even at the school!!!

I thought we were grown women - not kids and not in a sorority. Just makes me wonder how these Christian women can treat their friends like this. Politics is not for me!



Sally's World said...

it sounds like a nightmare, probably the kids would be less childish!!!

is it possible to remove yourself, adn maybe help in your own way, other than that...revolt...

and if they really want to be childish, join them...maybe actually start a few rumours...hey, if you're going to be accused anyway!!!lol!

vgsmom said...

You are a brave woman to even have been part of PTA to start with. It always seems insercurities and egos come out in the worst ways. Hope it all works out.

Stefunkc said...

Very well said!

miruspeg said...

Power goes to some peoples heads and it sure is difficult being around these people.

Are you on the committee Carrie?

Try to hang in there for the sake of the children. Little by little you may be able to make small changes. We don't want these bullies to rule.

Good luck