Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dryer Insides!!

Why is my dryer apart you ask??? It has been squealing like a stuffed pig for a over a week now!!! Luckily we have the sears maintenance agreement on the washer and dryer. The repairman finally made it out here today. Unfortunately, parts have to be ordered.

But, I thought I'd get pictures as long as it was apart! Sorry, I don't have photo shop to draw cool little arrows!! The front edge, see the little holes?? the rectangles buy them, those are bearings that have worn out! That is one possible cause for the squealing!

The dryer drum on my laundry room floor!

The center of the drum goes into the center hole on the back wall. The repairman put grease in there, that is another possible cause of the squeal!! Time will tell after the parts come in and everything is disassembled again and re-assembled!

Oh the life of us SAHM's!!! How was your day?



Sally's World said...

it all looks a bit high tech for me...if it starts squealing, i call the repair man, make him tea and leave the are you managing without it?

Cheryl said...

I've never seen the insides of a dryer...that's kinda cool. Hopefully he can figure out what's making the squeaking noise and get it fixed. We use to have a dryer that got so hot that it scorched our clothes...acutally burned holes in some things. Needless to say, we ended up getting a new dryer...LOL :o)