Monday, April 27, 2009

Mousing it Up - Mickey Style!

Can you tell we've been married almost 24 yrs? We tend to match without trying!!!Well my white pants were in the laundry. I got up and got dressed and low and behold Kevin put on his 'hidden' Mickey shirt! When my friends commented that we were mousing it up, I said, well then here take our picture!

You can't tell but I have on Mickey earrings, a Mickey necklace, and my cell phone holder has Mickey on it! Yes, I love the Mouse!!!

Have a Magical day!



Sally's World said...

a walking mickey it...personally I go for Eyore...but thats just me!

vgsmom said...

Just so you don't stand next to me too. I'm always afraid I'm gonna scare the people at the grocery stores. MM earrings, keyrings, pen, checks, wallet, cel phone cover, my new MM fit flops, and usually some piece of attire. I'd even be a little scared of me if I saw me coming. You guys look great to me.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

too cute!!!!

btw you have an award...come get it!!!

Stefunkc said...

You guys crack me up:)