Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hail Damage - OH BOY!!!

The insurance adjuster came today, yes, Sunday!!!! Remember that hail storm I blogged about? The flood waters? The carpet cleaning? That was just the beginning!!!

We are going to be getting a new roof, new gutters, and new storage trunk on the porch. Then, when I was cleaning, I found damage in AJ's room, the roof leaked, and water came in and made a spot in the ceiling and ruined the texture and drywall! So..... AJ will be getting his room re-done. The bad spot will be repaired, which will involve tearing up wall paper and border. This also means the entire ceiling will have to be repainted and textured!!! As well as wall paper redone and border redone. The paper and border are 11 yrs old, don't think I can still find that same one!!

The ceiling in the sun room now game room will also be repainted!! There was a small leak around a light fixture!

Just when I thought my life couldn't get any more complicated! IF any of this begins before June 1 I may loose my sanity and you will have to look me up at a local asylum!



Sally's World said...

oh my goodness, its a test. so the insurance man was helpful???...did he realise he wasn't leaving alive if he didn't get it right????

Cozyflier said...

Kevin tried for the carpet!!!! Let em know that it was flooded, asked if it possibly could have come in through the ceiling and down the wall. They said, you would see wall damage!!

I think they got the idea we weren't happy!