Sunday, April 26, 2009


Warm sunny weather means sandals which means I needed a pedicure. Since Kevin had a few days off after the stress test, we've been running errands together! Kevin's toenails are starting to become ingrown and thick, a sign of aging :( Very difficult to cut, so with a lot of talking, I persuaded Kevin to come with me and enjoy a pedicure MINUS the polish!!!!

I couldn't resist, I had to take pictures. He was concerned that there would be other women there, but he was very happy that I was correct when I said, I go early and the place is empty!!!

Kevin did like the massage part of the pedicure, wish we could afford one of these babies!

Anyway, he survived his first pedicure!! He may even understand why I get 2 a summer!!!

Yeah, for warmer weather!



Stefunkc said...

I'm cracking up! My Uncle Kevin, getting a pedicure. Bahhhaaahhhaaa!!!

Sally's World said...

Dave would probably go, but i don't think i could pay someone enough to go near his feet...shudder