Thursday, April 9, 2009


Oh my word. I've talked about stress before. I've just about had it with this school year!!!! Now we are having turmoil over 5th grade banquet. Can you believe this? 5th grade?!!!! This isn't high school!!!! It isn't middle school, it is elementary school for Pete's sake.

About 9 of us got together last September, started working on the banquet, listed meetings, only a handful of parents showed up. We organized everything - location - FREE- theme, food, DJ, Decor, all within the budget. Now, a bunch of new parents want to change everything.

Tell me how Tye Dye is formal? What is formal about pizza or sub sandwiches? What is wrong with a facility that normally rents for $1500 an event and we have it free? It is beautiful, all we really need are some balloons! Parents won't go out and look at it!!! My frustration cup runneth over!!!!

Here is a picture of the place where we want to have it:

All I can say is that tonight's meeting is going to be interesting!!! OK, I need to get off my soapbox and settle down! But right now my blood is boiling!



Sally's World said...

WHY?? why on earth do parents do this, is it a control thing, do they think they know better...why didn't they turn up in the first meeting and put in their ideas...its amazing, i feel your frustration, and there are so many other things to spend money on...i hope you put your foot down and tell them where to get off!!!

cheapbychoice said...

Good luck with your meeting. Some parents just never get it and are never happy. Just remember it is for the kids and the parents can go to ....