Sunday, April 19, 2009

Assessing the Damage

OK, we discovered at about 10PM that the garden drains did NOT drain and the 4" of hail let the pool of water start seeping into the the house!!! My den was soaked as-well-as part of my master bedroom!!

Can this night get any better?? Start in with moving the furniture, getting towels to sop up water, getting the fans, and the shop vac!! Are we having fun yet?? Friday morning I called the carpet cleaners. Luckily, I have used them in the past, I was pleasantly surprised when they told me they would come on Saturday!!

I thought I'd share pictures of my chaotic house today! I could barely walk through my kitchen, the front hall, and sun room with the furniture piled in it.

The front hall! Yes, the rug is suppose to be a runway!!!!

My Kitchen!!! You can't see the table, but the sofa, love seat, and table made it quite difficult navigate!

My empty den!! Where the furniture belongs!

It took 6 hours for the carpets to dry. But at least I shouldn't have to worry about mold. The living room, dining room, and den are clean!

The crazy thing - insurance. That is a four letter word!!!! Seepage is not covered, water damage from a damaged roof is covered, but not water seeping in!!

Guess the hail should have taken the roof off!



Sally's World said...

insurance companies are the anti christ....theres always a reason...

what a nightmare this must have been, and you already have lots on your plate at the mo... on the plus side...wont have to wash the floors again for a while...

sending a hug!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

when I seen on the news that you guys were getting hit with all that rain I couldnt help but think of you and hope that you and your family would be ok