Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Has it Been a Year Already?

Due to technical difficulities I wasn't able to post this over the weekend!

I realized when I asked the date, that it has been a year since our oldest moved into his apartment. Where does the time go? This isn't possible I thought, a whole year, no way. But then, yes it is. So, looking back, reflecting, I thought I'd post pictures of what we were doing 1 year ago, give or take a few days now!!!

The standard apartment kitchen!

Little sister Amelia helps out by cleaning and organizing kitchen!

Chris bought an awesome bedroom set! At least I think it is awesome looking!!!

We donated our sofa and love seat to him so that come Oct. I could get a new one!!!!

So, there you have it, my first born, now 21 1/2 years old ~ YIKES ~ has been out on his own for an entire year. Granted, he's only 2 miles away, but still he goes to school, and works 35 hours a week and pays his bills! Not bad if you ask me!



Sally's World said...

many reasons for you to be very proud...It goes by so fast doesn't it, one minute its getting them out of nappies..the next they are moving out...I can't believe i've been a mum for almost half my life...the other half seems so much less significant somehow!

i wondered where you were this weekend!!!xxxx

Stefunkc said...

And he doesn't spend enough time back at home when his favorite cousin is in town! Well, at least I usually get a day:)