Friday, April 24, 2009


Do you hate grocery shopping as much as I do? It is one of the chores as a Mom that I despise!

I was thrilled last summer when a young man came to my door selling meat! Wow, was Kevin skeptical. I had to call this man's references, fortunately, several other doctors that we know buy from him! Well, the meat was certified, and good quality. It was also a dang good deal. I got steaks, and chicken fillets most of them preseasoned.

I have bought 2 times more from him and have been pleased every time.

So, why blog about this now. Well, he rang my bell again, he senses when I'm running low on meat!! This is what my freezer looks like now!!! My kitchen freezer is stuffed with veggies and the garage fridge/freezer has the overflow! Looks like I'll just have to shop for a few staples here and there, YIPPEE!!!



Sally's World said...

wow...Deion is a total carnivore, if i show him this picture, he will drool!

grocery chore, it amazes me...i go late a night usually, and am always hindered by these people, often couples (dave..NEVER accompanies me..never has) meandering around with their basket or almost empty trolleys, looking intently at the ingredients and fat content, slowly adding the odd bottle of wine or chocolates to their minature hoard!!!

all i do is charge around at high speed with my trolley, throwing things it at random, grabbing the odd toy or DVD as i charge past weaving in and out of random shoppers......yelling 'EXCUSE ME' 'EXCUSE ME' to all the slow coaches...

i have it down to an art, i can get in, shop, get out in less than 30 minutes...if my supermarket ever decides on a speed limit in store...i'm stuffed!!!

Cozyflier said...

Hee hee, Sally, what happens when the store re-arranges on you? That's what they are all doing here in the states. Sam's the big whole sale warehouse 'club' has re-arranged the store 3 times in the last 6 months!!!! UGH!

Tell Dave to go with you, Kevin does on occasion!