Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Award!

(2nd blog today)

Thanks go to my online friend Sally for this award, and I am suppose to pass it on. Once again, I don't have 8 followers, but, I will pass it on to those who do.

Lori - IcanberightorIcanbehappy This working mom manages her daughter, her home, hubby, and a love for Disney! She makes me smile!

Stefunk - Adayinthelifeofacrazedmom This domestic goddess will share her life with her 3 girls, recipes, home decorating tips and more. She loves photography or should I say photoshop!

Dena - Thoughtsbydena She finds the most interesting things to blog about. Thoughs for each day, insights to your being, and warming stories about her family.

Kristie - NotqutiewhatIhadplanned Another fellow scrapbooker, mom, and wonderful writer. I wish I had 1/10 of her writing ability. Her posts are wonderful. Again, I can usually get a smile or a chuckle :)

Coachblogger - Sorry, I don't know your name! This man is raising 4 beautiful girls and while being a head football coach for a high school team. He has a unique look on life!

Cheryl - Apeekintomylife This lovely woman is the mother of 2, loves to scrapbook but like all of us hardly has time, and takes wonderful pictures. I enjoy reading about her and her family.

Itsadisneyworldafterall a fun blog to find out what may or may not be going on in the World!

Pioneerwoman is another awesome blog - but I don't think she posts awards on there! She does have amazing recipes!

I'm still trying to grow my followers, like I've said before, my friends here in Lubbock think I'm crazy to blog. Don't know how I find time, they won't start. I think I know more of my niece's friends thru blogging than ones who live within 5 miles of me!!

Thanks again to Sally for the award, and I did not list my awardees(word?) in any particular order!

Have a great weekend!



vgsmom said...

Thanks for the award. Jim loaded that countdown--I know he had to copy the html into the add a gadget.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the award! :o)

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Thank you for the award..makes me feel so special!!!!