Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kids Sayings!

As parents we've all heard humorous things come out of the mouths of our children. Well, yesterday, this is what my daughter, Amelia, said.

(Let me first say, that I've been getting the kids to drink more water. Buying less pop and as a special treat on occasion, buying some flavored water. I went to the store and bought a new kind of flavored water/new flavor)

Amelia was drinking from the bottle and reading it. She said, " No Calories! Mom this water doesn't taste right without it's calories"!

I had to explain to her that water didn't have calories and the flavor didn't add any!!

OK, I already had this typed up and scheduled to post when this happened~

Tyler and Amelia were getting ready to leave for Oklahoma, driving up for Spring break to visit the cousins. Amelia was doing one last go thru making sure she didn't forget anything. When she came back into the kitchen Kevin says to her, " Well, Amelia looks like you have to stay here, Tyler changed his mind and wants to take AJ to Oklahoma." Without missing a beat, AJ snaps back to Dad, "I'm not going to wear Amelia's clothes!"

Just a little humor for the week!



Stefunkc said...

I love those kids!

taitle said...

that is HILARIOUS ^^

Cheryl said...

Kids are so funny! Mine come up with some doozies son especially...we were on our way back home from an appointment for our son and he fell asleep in the car...when he woke up he must've had a headache because he started crying and I asked him what was wrong...he told me "the bones in my head are broken"...I felt bad for him, but at the same time it was too cute!