Thursday, March 12, 2009

Buzz, Ding, Beep...

Modern society - we are controlled by these endless sounds! From the moment we are rudely awakened in the morning - BUZZZZZ - by the alarm clock until we go back to bed at night we have constant noise. Lets take a look -

Washers/Dryers - Beep~

Microwaves - Ding

Phones - Ring Cells - dee da deet = text. Any other numerous sounds for other things~ we can have music, vibrations, tones, or whatever!

Cars - Back up sensors - Beep; Horns - BLARE; Turn Signals - Click; Tires - Screech~

Timers - Ding I use them in the kitchen!

Refridgerators - Beep if the door doesn't close after 2 minutes, believe me this gets annoying when you are trying to put up groceries from mega shopping or Clean the fridge!

TIVO - Blips and Bongs~

Lets not forget Doorbells! Both at home and in STORES - so annoying!!

Cash Register/Scanner - Beeps/Blips so that you know you have spent another dollar!

Hmm, with all these noises, do I really want to think about a hearing aids as I get older?

Just my thoughts for the day.


1 comment:

Stefunkc said...

You're preaching to the choir! Continuous noise makes me crazy. But there are some differences.
-my washer and dryer don't ding
-Cox DVR doesn't make noise
-I never leave my turn signal on for long, it makes me crazy!
-my refrigerator is too old to have a beep

That's why I like to keep music blaring...drowns out all the other things!