Monday, March 2, 2009

Double Digits!

Today AJ hits Double Digits! I'm dealing with fact that I longer have a baby. Oh well, at least I'm past the stage of wanting another one. I know my husband is sighing with relief!! This is it, the 4th child, leaving behind single digits entering into those tween years. Oh my!

But the above seems like yesterday (to me) at church preschool! Since he is turning 10 I thought I'd post 10 reasons why I love this Star Wars Lego Freak!!

1. He has a kind heart - he loves animals and in reality his sister!

Here AJ falls asleep with new puppy Elke!

2. & 3. AJ has the biggest SMILE / He's a HAM!!!

4. AJ has a natural ability for sports - he doesn't play team sports, but he's good at anything he does - like skiing -

5. He's a good friend -

6. He loves his cousins and always has fun with them -

7. He's adventurous -

He can climb the spider web at Body works in nothing flat!

He's not afraid to try things - in other words he's a MONKEY!!!

8. He has school spirit - no matter what the occasion he will participate! Whether it is crazy hat day, western day, favorite star day, whatever the reason AJ is in on the action~

9. AJ LOVES Star Wars! In case you hadn't noticed, most of the pictures in this blog, he has on some sort of Star Wars shirt! Going to WDW for Star Wars Weekends has become a family favorite!
AJ handily wins the Padawan Trivia Challenge!

oh, just in case there was any question, that IS AJ in the Yoda costume!!

10. Last but not least, AJ still loves Mom and Dad and it is still cool to hang out with us! So traveling in the Cozy to go on vacation is A-OK with him, and hanging with Mom having a good time is too!

On days when AJ hangs with me, he's learning how to take cool photos!

A.J. Happy 10th Birthday Sweet hart! Dad and I love you. You are one smart cookie!!



Sally's World said...

Happy Birthday AJ.

Anonymous said...

you made some mistakes but it is cool so 10000000000000000000 coments.

vgsmom said...

Happy Birthday A.J.! What a nice tribute.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

awwww this was very sweet...Happy Birthday AJ with many many more to come!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY AJ!!!!! What a lucky boy you are!!!!!!! And so cool too!!!!! May The Force Be With You!! For this birthday and many more to come!!! ~Dee

Stefunkc said...

Awww, his cousins love him, too!

Hope he had a wonderful birthday!!