Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spur of the Moment Party!

Double Digits is quite a milestone. But when your birthday falls on a school night it is difficult to have a full blown party. We planned a family dinner, I offered to cook, but our family tradition is to go out! AJ chose Logan's Steak House, Yummy rolls!! I didn't eat all day!

AJ flirted with the waitress, Kara, the entire time we were there. At the end of the meal she brought him a free cheesecake, the new mini dessert! However, she didn't serve it in the regular way!!

I had planned to buy one of those double layer chocolate chip cookie 'cakes' at Sam's when I was there on Sunday, but of course they didn't have any made. It wasn't near a big holiday! So, I let AJ pick out a sheet cake, I knew I wouldn't have time to bake. Our family is not big on cake. I had to come up with some way to get rid of this cake!

Tuesday afternoon, I start calling a few friends. Can you come over for cake and ice cream I ask? No gifts needed, just come and watch AJ open his family gifts and help us eat this huge cake!! Tyler, my 18yr old gets 3 of his buddies to come over, our neighbor girl comes, and 2 friends with their kids who play with AJ come. Not a bad turnout for a last minute party! Of course, Grammie went to dinner with us because a birthday wouldn't be complete without her!

AJ was wishing his cousins could have been here, but it is the middle of the school year. They did chat via text messaging all evening long.

I faked AJ out on his presents! All he wanted was Lego sets - Star Wars Lego sets. No surprise there! I ended up ordering them online. Our local toy store just doesn't get a big enough variety.

So, I wrapped each set individually and/or put them in bags. Then, I put all the sets except one back into the HUGE shipping box and wrapped that box!!!! He was certain I had bought him clothes. He knew Grammie's box was a Lego set, and figured the other one was. But that huge box just had to be clothes. There wasn't a Lego set that was that big, shape, or size!!!! Man, was he surprised when he opened that box!!!! I don't get to fool him very often, it felt pretty good!

The big box on the bottom is what I'm talking about!

The big box!

Think he was happy??

Now, I'm trying to figure out when he can have a small party with some of his class mates. He hasn't had one in years! Schedules are so hectic, Kev is out of town so much, this may be an impossibility! I'll keep trying.

Anyway, that was AJ's 10th!


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vgsmom said...

Sometimes big plans are overated. Looks like he loved it.