Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tyler's Desk

Tyler Far R side

My son Tyler decided to buy a desk. The built in cubby desk in his room was to small. Granted, our home was built 21 years ago before everyone had computers! You know these 18 year olds, 2 monitors - flipping between windows isn't good enough! I must admit I've taught my kids shopping skills. He went thru the ads, looked at prices, looked online and compared. It helps that he works for a major office supply store here in town!! Then he showed me his choices. Why am I blogging about a desk??

How often do you get to buy a piece of furniture that shares your name?

He's quite happy with it!


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Stefunkc said...

Where's the picture of the final product?? He sent one to my phone but I was hoping you'd put one on here! It looked nice even though it was a 'texted' picture!