Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Interesting Project

Remember when a book report was just a report? Maybe a colored drawing to go along with it? Well, not any more my friends! In today's elementary schools book reports are productions! Last year we had to do a biography book report and dress up as that person for an oral presentation to the class!

This year, we've had to make a windsock, do a book jacket, do a file folder biography report, and now this one ~ a sandwich! At least AJ found this one fun!

We were given several sheets of paper with parts of the sandwich on them. AJ had to fill out that part of the report, color the paper and then cut of the piece of the sandwich. When finished, we are suppose to punch a hole in the upper L corner and get a brad form the teacher. It will then become the sandwich!

The meat of the sandwich is telling about the main character!

The cheese ~ what part of the story made you smile and 'say cheese' !!

The lettuce summarizes the story 'wraps it up'!!

The onion was the part that either made you cry or was sweet!

The tomato was the setting ~ where the story took place. You could describe this or draw it.

The top piece of bread was Book, author, illustrator, and student's name.

The bottom piece of bread was what you liked or didn't like about the book.

There will be an oral presentation to the class on this one too!

So here it is the completed sandwich! Doesn't it look yummy?!!

AJ is pleased, that is what matters! Well, we have a few weeks to rest until the next project is due!

Since Amelia was in 4th grade last yr, I can already tell you what the final book report of the school year is. Design a poster of your favorite book that you read during the school year that would make kids want to read that book! The teacher keeps about 25 posters and decorates her room with them for the following year!

Is it May yet, I'm ready for Summer vacation!!!



vgsmom said...

Tell me about it. We have made a board game, decorated a cereal box, and a diorama. Give me a good old fashioned, learn to write book report. Sandwhich is great though.

Stefunkc said...

Aww, summer. Where are you taking me this year?

Kidding, it's cute! Way to go AJ!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

wow...so creative...Devin is in the fourth grade and we have had some very interesting ways to do book reports too!!!!

your package should be almost to you by now!!!!!! I sent it on saturday!!

Cheryl said...

That's a neat way to do a book report....I don't know if our teachers here are that creative...LOL....I have a few years to wait before I'll find out...my daughter's only in 1st grade :o) And I hear ya about summer....I wish it'd hurry up and get here...LOL