Friday, March 13, 2009

Where the Kids Hang

Ever notice how there always seems to be one house in a neighborhood where all the kids congregate? Like, in OK my niece has the pool so everyone is always at her house in the summer! Well, I've thought about it, over the years, and I think MY house is that house for our neighborhood!

When my oldest boys were younger we always had a houseful of kids running around. And even though we don't live close to school, at times there are a ton of kids at this house coming and going in every direction.

Case in point, last weekend - the neighbors, we know socially - they've only lived next door 6 months, had a birthday for their daughter who turned 2. Apparently they had a party for Tatum. You know when you have a party for a 2 year old you have lots of older kids at it. Amelia and AJ were in the front playing, and all of a sudden it was loud out there! Being a good Mom, I go check to see what is going on! This is what I find.

What these new friends did discover right off is that wheelies work wonders with the Zip Cord!! When you start getting down low, just roll to the end!

This is how my kids spent their Saturday afternoon. The Zip Cord, new friends, bikes, and the wheel chair. I don't know why playing in a wheel chair is so much fun. After having to use it for several months back 2007, I haven't figured that one out. More things to ponder!

Oh, and before you all start asking, the Zip Cord, can be fond in catalogs like Lillian Vernon - called FUN RIDE. I'm sure it's online somewhere else!



vgsmom said...

I remember days like that at our house when I as growing up. I'm not sure if they congregated to my house or to my brother.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

my house has always been the hang out house for my kids too....and man that zip cord looks FUN!!!!