Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun & Games

One of the nice things about family visiting is the chance to play together. As you know we acquired a pool table. This proved several hours of entertainment. As did our family favorite, Tripoley. This game is a combination of poker and rummy!

McKinley, Amelia, Stephanie, and AJ playing Tripoley.

Reagan, McKinley, & Amelia

AJ, Kennedy, Chris, and Kevin

What was so funny in this game, is that with so many people playing, 8, the chances of getting a great poker hand are not very good. Every time Chris had an extremely good hand and would go 'all in', one of the little kids would have a better hand and beat him!!

Chris, Kevin, AJ, and Reagan at the pool table.

Reagan and AJ messing around.

Chris works on his shots!



Sally's World said...

looks like fun, I'd have been beaten at everyhting, but would have gone down fighting!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

looks like a great time!!!!!1!

Stefunkc said...

Reagan was just talking about the Tripoly game at lunch. She was crying as she laughed and re-told how she took 51 dollars from Chris and knocked him out of the game when her three 7's beat his three 6's! She wants us to buy that game:)