Saturday, March 14, 2009

Did Someone Say Cruise?

Ever since I was about 9 years old I've wanted to go on a cruise! I don't know why, just something I've always wanted to do. Next year, June 8, 2010 will be our 25th anniversary. Kev gave me the OK to use our DVC points and book a cruise for then!!

Yippee, We're, going cruisin!!!! I can't wait, I've been researching everything about Disney Cruises, ordered a free DVD, and have found a countdown banner for this blog but can't get it to load, hmmm.

So, be forewarned, over the next 460 days you'll be getting updated about Disney Cruises as I learn! I consider myself an expert on WDW, but a complete newbie to cruising :)

This will be an exciting adventure and I will learn a lot, I'm sure. First up, getting kids their passports! 5 of us going, our 21 year old wasn't sure about a cruise, college or whether he would be graduating and starting a new job!!


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