Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Games Night

Every once in a while we can get everyone at home at the same time. I know a rare thing these days! When that does happen we like to have a games night. Now we have a ton of games and enjoy many different ones. But, there's one that seems to win out more times than not. Tripoley - a combination of Poker and Rummi.

Don't look at me, I wasn't feeling on top of the world!! Notice, camera shy Tyler, yet another picture of his hand! (our niece Stefunk got many like this last summer when we all went to WDW!)

I still don't know poker! I have to use a cheat sheet to figure out what I have, but this game is fun and the kids enjoy it.

Kevin shuffles an extra set of cards and AJ watches Tyler deal!

So, try a games night in your family it really is a lot of fun!



vgsmom said...

We do that sometimes. We play Sequence. But it's not as hard to gather a family of three.

Stefunkc said...

We're a Farkel Party family personally:)

And yes, the hand pictures. I had a whole album!

Cozyflier said...

Is Farkel the game we played 4th of July?