Thursday, March 26, 2009

When Kids Take the Camera!

It shouldn't come as any surprise to me that my kids like to take pictures. After all, they have been raised with a lens in their faces! This can come in handy when on vacation and you have more than one camera, you get someone Else's perspective on the trip and you may actually get photos with YOU in them!

Now, I have found that when I upload my pictures to the computer, I usually have some pictures that I have no idea what they are - enter my kids taking the camera! Did you know that if you hold the lens directly to your arm you can get a really weird orange picture? Amelia did this while bored in the back of the airplane last summer! Usually, I delete them. Lately, I have been busy, and with the recent visit of our cousins, I found that we may have budding talent in the family! I will share!

This is what I normally get, Amelia, doing a self portrait for her web space!!!

Here, with cousin McKinley, there is more creativity!! This is kind of cute!

Um, let me guess, they are showing their patriotism?? I can't tell you how many pictures of fingernails I have found during uploads!!!

OK, kids and technology! I have had my camera for a year now. Did I know it could do black and white photos?? No! And, I even read the manual!! In the following 3 photos, I see artistic talent. I'm pretty sure it was McKinley's doing, but Amelia may have had some input.

Even AJ got to be a model! Guess he was the only one who would fit into the 'coffin'! This is a trunk, a hope chest, brought from OKC! So, I guess an empty trunk made for a good place to get a picture!

Who knows, we may be looking at the work of the next Picasso of Photography!



Sally's World said...

these are great, i love seeing how kids express themselves, i always have a surprse on my camera...not always good or printable...

vgsmom said...

I see some definite talent there. It's fun to see the kid's creative side.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

these are priceless!!!!!

Jeanette said...

My daughter and her friends play with my camera all the time. They have taken some pretty neat pictures. You talked about not knowing that your camera could take black and white phots, I have had my camera for quite some time, been on several vacations taking pictures and didn't know that it had a built in flash. I thought I had to buy it seperately. One day I was watching my daughter and one of her friends taking pictures and to my surprise up pops a flash......boy did I feel like a dummy.

miruspeg said...

Hey Carrie
I love viewing the photos kids takes, they certainly have their own style.

I am so pleased I popped over to your blog today because I had no idea my digital camera could take B&W and Sepia photos. After reading this post I grabbed my camera and low and behold there was a button to change the setting.
Bless you dear girl!

Thanks for your lovely comments about my header will be seeing some black and white ones soon!

Hope your husband passes his stress test with flying colours and you will both be back in Cozy...up, up and away in your flying machine.

Take care