Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Difference in How Men and Women Think!

OK, I know you think I'm going to go all technical on you and get into analytical psycho babble talk. Well, no, I have an interesting observation to post about.

I have a question to ask you ~ have you ever played Tetris 2 or Dr. Mario with your husband or son?

I know, Wii is the latest video sensation, but we still have fun with the old fashioned Super Nintendo! Over the years we have spent many a weekend or summer night passing time with round-robin tournament style playing.

What has this to do with the difference between men and women you ask? Well, just this ~

Men think Horizontally! Women think Vertically!

Tetris 2

Now, if you aren't familiar with these games, the object is to get 3 or 4 of the same colors lined up to make them disappear. In Tetris 2 it is blocks, in Dr. Mario, it is pills!

If I work really hard, I can make a row horizontally, but it is much easier to line things up vertically. My daughter is the same way.

As you know, my niece was in town recently. I had told her my theory on this years ago, and she said she agreed with me. In fact, she thinks it applies to other facets of life with men!

So, what do you think? Does your husband think horizontally?

Another strange thing to ponder!



Sally's World said...

My husband definitely thinks horizontally...sometimes so much so i have to check for a pulse seriously though, i think youre on to something here...i just find the men in my family's obsession with all things game related ridiculous...

Cozyflier said...

Sally, you are not alone, my 2 oldest boys are lost to the games, especially the computer games!

Oldest is going to college to program them!!

vgsmom said...

Carrie-- The strike through has to be done in HTML the way that Jim taught me. Hit the HTML tab while composing and then put < s > word or words here< /s > and it should work. So the s thingys go around the stuff you want to strike through. I don't know if that makes sense or not. Okay it won't let me post the s thingys without the spaces. Don't put the extra spaces in. It should be greater thanslessthan. Does that make sense?

Stefunkc said...

Sooooo true! I think our way is better. I always beat Shawn!

Anonymous said...

i love this one. daddy does that