Thursday, March 19, 2009

Previous Star Posters

Someone e-mailed me and asked me to post pictures of previous Star of the Week posters we had created. So, I have dug through the computer. I've only had a digital camera for 4 1/2 years! Here are some of them.

AJ's Kindergarten - Our airplane is a Canard design, if looked directly down this is approximately what you would see.

One of Amelia's posters.

Here's AJ when he was star at Valentine's!

This is Pikachu (sp?) when AJ was into Pokemon!

Like I said, I don't have all of them in digital format. We have done a horse, pumpkin, Easter Egg, Horse wearing a pumpkin costume, shooting star, giant star, Winnie the Pooh in a Hot air Balloon, and I'm sure something else!

So, when it is your star's turn, be creative, and don't wait til the last minute to do the poster!



Sally's World said...

I love these, its such a great thing to do...

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

wow guys go all out when you do these posters!!! Your kids have to feel so special when they take those to school!!!