Monday, March 9, 2009

You Want What for Your Star of the Week Poster?

Our elementary school has a tradition it is called 'Star of the Week'. During each school year each child will get to be the star, after all we are the Smith Stars! During that week, the child gets to bring a poster with pictures of themselves, be the teachers helper, line leader, etc. I'm sure you understand the concept!

Well, after 4 kids, 17 years in the same elementary school it is becoming more difficult to come up with poster ideas! I've NEVER done a plain rectangular poster - NEVER!!!! Where's the creativity in that? No offense to anyone, but I'm a scrapbooker and I let my creative juices flow whenever possible!

So, AJ is star this week, and he really got me when he told me about 2 weeks ago what he wanted his poster to be. The Imperial symbol from Star Wars! Surprised?

Thank heavens that among my husbands many talents, he can mathematically figure any design we come up with for a poster!

Now, I will help with the construction of said poster, but the math is left to Kevin!! And yes, we MacGyvered a giant compass!

And who gets the Hug when all is said and done?

Dad, of Course!

You see, I don't draw, I imagine! Once the poster is created physically, then my creative talent goes to work designing the layout. So, here is this years poster.

Now, to figure out what to do for the Star Party on Thursday at 2:45. Any suggestions?? Any food, has to be wrapped and sent out the door at 3! Hmm, I feel an order coming on to Cookie Bouquet!!


P.S. Maybe in another post I'll show you pics of other posters if you are interested! I'm on the wrong computer currently.


Sally's World said...

this is fantastic, its so important that you put in this time, i bet his little face was a picture when you'd all finished it...lovely!!!

vgsmom said...

Fantastic! I hope his class appreciates it.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

the hug in the picture where it was complete...priceless!!!!!