Sunday, March 8, 2009

Curbside Good Fortune!

So, it was just another day going to school to pick up the kids. Well, it was AJ's B-day, so it wasn't just ordinary! I had spent the day decorating, calling friends, making arrangements for that impromptu get together I told you about.

Kevin was home and we decided to take his car, that always throws the kids off when they don't see my van parked at school! He turned on a different street to get to school than what I've been taking. (Our normal route is under road construction) As we turn off the very busy Slide Road, and onto 95th, we see a man in his yard putting up a sign "free pool table". What's the catch we say to each other. Well, after a few hundred feet down the road, we decide to pull a U-ey and go find out.

We pull up, there in the yard is a pool table! Quite dusty and dirty, but none the less, a full size pool table. The man is already inside. Kev rings the doorbell and finds out the man is moving, he and his wife have too much junk and don't want to move a pool table! It's free really? Will it fit in my van? The nice man has a pickup!! OK, then, give me the keys, I'll go to school and get the kids, by the way, I'm now late to get my parking place! You guys go to the house with the pool table, the whole 8 blocks! Kevin gives the man $20 for delivering it!

When the kids get home they are in shock! They love to play pool, and have been playing with this mini multi-game table for years now that they have out grown! You know, the foos-ball, table tennis, air hockey, chess, back gammon, and pool.

The table needs some work, but it is great for the kids to mess around on, and learn. The funny thing is, is that several friends have said, the guy couldn't have found a more perfect home for the pool table! I guess with all the parties and kids that hang out at our home the pool table will get a lot of use! Better than paying $15 and hour at the local bowling/billiards place in town!!!

This is Chris, my oldest giving it a shot! (Notice how Tyler my 18 yr old is standing just out of camera range??)

AJ takes a turn!


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Stefunkc said...

You truly are so lucky! Can't wait to play in May. Of course, you all will be so good by then, mabye I won't:)